Meet Lockwood Financial Advisors Corp.

S ince 1993 we have co-founded the most important Puerto Rico private sector development institutions -Grupo Guayacán, Center for the New Economy, the Science, Technology and Research Trust- and advised on many of the largest private investment transactions such as the Abertis-Goldman Sachs Consortium for the P3 managing PR-22 and PR-5 highways, independent power producer Eco-Eléctrica, the expansion of bio therapeutics production by Abbvie and the creation of Consultiva as the first Hispanic investment management advisory firm in the United States and asset management units at Merrill Lynch and Popular. We have also held fiduciary and advisory positions and supported governance, strategy and innovation at non-profit sector leading institutions, including Foundation for Puerto Rico, the PR Community Foundation and Flamboyan Foundation, among others.

We provide independent corporate strategy, new ventures, biosciences, investment banking, public finance and capital markets transaction, research and advisory services. We serve clients in Puerto Rico -the most fragile US subnational fiscal unit- as well as selected European Union, US and Latin American corporate clients in their global, home country and Puerto Rico strategies and investments.

We create value for you by integrating global knowledge domains, excellence in transaction, research and strategy experience, foresight and strict ethics, built on decades of executive and fiduciary responsibility. Our track record at the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico (GDB) from 1989 thru 2009 includes requests for integrated macro, fiscal, financial system and private sector structure analytics for policy and performance monitoring, centralized infrastructure capital investment project selection and risk management, GDB institutional autonomy from the central government and strict Board fiduciary duties, the creation of GDB’s first Fiscal Agent unit, full due diligence of SAP and Oracle offerings for a new central government financial information system, assessment of bio pharma contraction and multinational tax revenue concentration risks, requests to halt the cancellation of the South Coast LNG pipeline, specific proposals for private sector development to be funded from the first COFINA proceeds, proposals for medium term fiscal consolidation and multi year budgets, Capital Markets Reform and privatization of the Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Telefónica Larga Distancia, the Maritime Shipping Authority and the Sugar Corporation.

Since the outbreak of the global financial crisis there has been global legitimacy questioning and request for a paradigm shift on the way experts think about and practice financial system and overall risk management, development strategy, as well as monetary, macroeconomic and fiscal policy.  At a deeper level, the crisis raises the issue of the required autonomy of those institutions with a private sector development and regulatory mission and central banks, particularly since the prolonged period of monetary easing has not led to private sector and financial system reforms by the political systems of sovereigns and subnationals.

As a trusted intermediary, we assist to restructure fundamentals (regulatory and tax, access to technologies and finance, human capital, infrastructure) and support management initiatives to develop competitive firms and industries. We also have a sustained track record of forging the future private sector ecosystem.

Our company was founded in April 1993 by William Lockwood Benet, a senior financial executive with global and US wide responsibilities in project finance, investment banking, private equity funds, municipal securities issuance, investor and credit rating relations on behalf of private investors and the Puerto Rico government.

LFA typically provides six types of services, leveraging synergies across five knowledge domains: private financial system, development strategy, public financial management, infrastructure and biosciences and technology.

I.  LFA provides independent corporate strategy and investment banking due diligence in private and public-owned infrastructure and utilities, financial institutions and large corporate credits across leading industries. We support confidential and thorough corporate engagements prior to authorizing or embarking on a potential investment banking transaction. We are trained to go deep into your strategic decisions, operations, efficiencies, risks and cash flows. For additional information please refer to our Private Financial System and Infrastructure sections.

II.  Early stage ventures with emphasis on technology.  Both LFA and our biosciences group, Generans Bioventures, provide services to early state technology ventures, entrepreneurs and investors.  We have conducted R&D for Fortune 50 companies in biosciences and IT, as well as served ventures in renewable energy technologies, solid waste, environmental technologies, agbio, aquaculture, digital media, investment management advisory services, new financial insurance and asset management ventures. For more information please see Biosciences and Technology.

III.  Financing of Development Strategy, to increase and protect wealth and savings, deepen dynamic competitiveness, diversify and stabilize global multinational export jurisdictions (Singapore, Ireland, Puerto Rico) and provide strong financial intermediaries for locally owned and new ventures across seed, early-stage, private equity, corporate banking, investment banking, corporate debt, securities disclosure and transparency and asset management.  We are trained in new FSB macroprudential policies, IMF-World Bank FSAP programs, national flow of funds and integration to financial system statistics and risk assessments, corporate tax analysis and national accounts. For more information see Private Financial System and Development Strategy.

IV.  Private Sector Development (PSD) Ecosystem:  We are experienced fiduciaries and founders of entrepreneurship, technology commercialization, financial intermediaries, private equity, and other private sector development programs and institutions.


New businesses can grow into large firms under the right environment, changing the game locally by carving a global niche.
They can create significant employment and tax revenues for government services, innovation and social mobility.  They do so by boosting their productivity and sales and supplying increasingly valuable goods and services.  The best ones cannot stay competitive if they stand alone.  They are part of dynamic and growing value chains whose job opportunities raise incomes, increase living standards and improve lives.  The process starts with supportive governments that create the right policy environment, and then grows from there. The fundamentals for creating the right conditions include regulatory and tax environment, access to new technologies, access to finance, skilled and trained labor and infrastructure.

V.  Best practices in Public Financial Management

VI.  We review and design strong fiduciary oversight and policies on endowments, pensions and foundations investment portfolios, aligned with priority objectives and multiyear budgets framed as part of medium-term institutional strategies. Over two decades of experience in investment management, governance and strategic use of liquidity, endowments and retained capital, from US$200 M to $4BN+ AUM including experience with multiple hedge funds and other alternative asset categories and specialized advisors. Trained in performance attribution, dispersion and style adherence software and metrics.

Please contact us to learn more of our services to specialized trusts, higher education institutions and foundations.

We are proud investors in image001Menlo Park, CA, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xian) and Peru.  SmartOrg provides solutions for the economic evaluation of opportunities often under uncertainty thru capabilities in driving innovation from idea to commercial result, selecting projects and improving portfolio returns.